Q & A With USIS Junior Athlete Sydney Kennett

Q & A With USIS Junior Athlete Sydney Kennett 

How did you first get into the sport of indoor skydiving?
Sydney: “My dad used to show me movies of skydiving growing up so I’ve always been really interested in flying.  He was an old school “free flier” and looked funny sit flying or on his head.  Then he took me.  I remember the first time getting to fly was when I was four years old and I just loved it.  About four years later we started up at what was then called Kids Club at iFLY and that is where I met my first coach and things just took off.  I just loved learning how to fly.”

What was it like to win your first National Championship for Junior Freestyle?
Sydney: “It is honestly very humbling because there are so many great competitors and each bring a unique aspect of flying to their routines.  I think everyone did amazing.”
Who do you train with?
Sydney: “I’ve had many great coaches over the years Preston Drake, Mike Silva, the whole Wittenberg family, all of the Denver crew Alex C…

Official 2018 WCIS US Team Roster

All athletes/teams below will be competing at the 2018 FAI World Cup of Indoor skydiving in Zallaq, Bahrain.

Open Vertical Formation Skydiving

SDC Core:

(Silver medal (4-way VFS) at 2017 WISC and Gold Medal (4-way VFS) at 2016 WCIS)

Michael Russell (Captain)
Stephanie Strange
Dustin Hanks
Matthew Nelson

Open Freestyle
Blake Cullen

Amberly Brown

Reese Willson
(Gold medal winner, Freestyle Open at 2014 WCIS)


USIS Q & A with 2-Way-Dynamic team Daniel Cordido and Dusty Shaw

In their first time competing together at the 2018 Indoor Skydiving National Championship Danielle Cordido and Dusty Shaw finished fourth in the Open Dynamic-2-way competition. Their placement qualified them for the upcoming 2019 FAI World Cup of Indoor Skydiving, where they will compete against the best flyers in the world.

How did you both get into indoor skydiving?

Daniel: It was sort of an accident. In 2012, I was looking for more work and a friend of mine showed me a job listing for iFLY. I originally applied for a CSR position, but the manager at the time said they needed an instructor. At first, I rejected it because I didn’t know what I was getting into, but after he explained all that went into it I eventually accepted it. 

Dusty: Once I graduated high school I went to get my skydiving license. I applied to iFLY in Austin Texas and they actually denied me at first, so I started bartending and waiting tables. One day I heard about a position opening up, I applied again and got th…

US Indoor Skydiving welcomes all athletes to compete in 2019 Open National Championship

With the 2019 USIS Open National Championship coming up in January, all indoor skydiving athletes no matter what skill level are welcome to compete.

For a third consecutive year, the USIS National Championship will be hosted by iFLY Virginia Beach, and for a second consecutive year the FS portion will be hosted by Paraclete XP. The Events at iFLY Virginia Beach will take place from January 11-13 and will include Vertical Formation Skydiving 2-Way/4-Way, Freestyle, Junior Freestyle, Dynamic 2-Way/4-Way and best trick.
The date for Paraclete XP’s events have not been set, but they are expected to take place mid to late February. Events will include 4-Way/8-Way Formation Skydiving and 4-Way Vertical Formation Skydiving. Events at both venues are broken up into four different skill levels: rookie, intermediate, advanced and open. This allows athletes who participate to compete with each other within the skill level their comfortable with.
Junior specific categories are available in the fr…

New USPA Rule Change Regarding Tunnel Time

At a recent USPA BOD meeting, a BSR change was made to allow tunnel training to be used so that initial AFF jumps can be made using only one instructor. For more information on the USPA rule changes follow the link below.

USIS Athlete World Cup Training Week at iFLY VA Beach

From October 1st to the 7th the USIS national training facility iFLY Virginia Beach will be hosting a training week for all US athletes competing in the 2018 FAI World Cup of Indoor Skydiving (WCIS) in Zallaq, Bahrain. This week will provide all US teams in attendance with training time in the tunnel and use of our DynamR live scoring technology. All teams who wish to participate in this event please contact Connor McCarthy at to reserve your spot. 
$600/Flight Time Hour: For all athletes who came in first place in an open category event at the 2018 Nationals.

$700/Flight Time Hour: For all athletes who did not place first in an open category event at the 2018 Nationals.

USIS Q & A With Indoor Skydiving Athlete Austin Crandall

After placing third in the Freestyle Open at 2018 Nationals, Austin Crandall will be competing at this years World Cup of Indoor Skydiving. This will be the first time Crandall will compete at an international indoor skydiving competition. 
What led you to the sport of indoor skydiving?
Crandall:“My dad and I used to fly ultralights together when I was growing up. We would go fly every weekend, and my job was too put together the parachute and make sure the lines were connected. That along with my dad showing me his awesome skydiving footage planted the seed. Later on, I did my first tandem jump I realized how much I loved skydiving. For two years I would go to drop zones to pack parachutes, in order to pay for my jumps. The more time I spent at drop zones the more I realized that the best skydivers were all tunnel instructors. I realized I needed to start working at a tunnel as well, and that led me to my job at iFLY Va. Beach”

Did you play any other sports growing up?
Crandall:“Growing …